(Black women white men) Are you worried about people looking at you differently when you date a person of different ethnic.






In the process of getting involved in love, there are many theories on whom you are attracted and how you fall in love and it takes a little longer time to understand that love happened from a sun- conscious level and you do not have a control over it. Of course, you have to be rational and analytical before you embark on the next voyage of marriage with the loved one.


In the process of love, it is always possible that you will fall in love with a person of a different race, different culture and even with a different faith altogether. You may be involved in interracial dating. It is also possible that some of you may prefer to choose a date within your own community, race or ethnic group to avoid unnecessary issues involved with it. But, when you talk to people who date interracially, they do say that dating someone from a different cultural background or race could give an interesting experience in knowing their heritage.


You have to take a rational decision when you are interested in a date from a different culture or different race. Relatives, friend of yours or even passerby’s may stare at you, when you happen to be with your date of a different race or ethnicity. Some may even pass adverse comments not palatable at all.  Never mind, it’s your freedom and choice to choose a person with whom you date, and the rest are outsiders and they do not have any right to pass judgment on your dating. However, if you want the support and blessing of your parents, it is better to let them know well in advance of your intentions. This would help you in taking forward your dating towards marriage, as your parents and members of the family would be in a position to defend you against any comments from your relatives or friends.


Dating someone from a different race and faith opens door for interracial and interfaith exploration and enriches your experience with others. As dating is considered as a process of exploring, the interracial person chosen should be mentally and emotionally strong and have a common shared vision.

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