(interracial dating) Is it frustrating that you cannot express your feelings in your mother tongue?





Expression of love in a desired form is the most important aspect in dating.

Communication is the most effective way of expressing your love to a dear one whom you adore and like to date. If you are an English speaking native and fall in love with an English speaking date, you may not anticipate any problem in conveying your feelings, as the mother tongue is common to both of you. You will also feel comfortable and assured when you converse in your mother tongue, as with that mother tongue you have learnt to think, communicate and also acquired an intuitive understanding of the grammar. However, imagine a situation where an English-speaking native dates an East Asian whose mother tongue is Japanese or Korean.

Of course, in the process of conveying his/her interest in dating, he/she would have employed all the resources in the world including some metaphors, to attract the attention of the date. But do you think they were able to express their feelings to the satisfaction of the date? Let’s explore.

In the initial dates of dating, it is commonly observed, that dater with different mother tongue, do not experience any difficulty in knowing the intention of the date, as actions are more than sufficient to express the love. But as the days progress and the interest in dating furthers to the stage of getting married, do you think the date can fully express the  feelings to the  partner in his/her mother tongue?

Alternatively, would it be better to learn the mother tongue of the partner, so that they are in a better position to express their feelings otherwise in a married life and in the process of bringing up their children they may encounter some difficulties in implementing their ideas and thoughts. Speaking in the mother tongue of your partner always carry its advantages, as your partner has been brought up with that language, and he/she would feel home and comfortable.

It can be sometimes awful and irritating, when you are not able to express your feelings in your own language, but worry not for love has no language.

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