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What’s UK Interracial Dating Looking Like in 2018?

Monday, May 28th, 2018

Have you ever noticed the difference between looking at an attractive person and then, looking at an attractive person of a different race?  There’s no comparison, right?  It might be fun to make eye contact with a person of your own race, but when it comes to an exotic beauty flirting with you, the attraction is amazing.  It’s an almost magnetic pull that you can’t resist!

Interracial dating in the UK and surrounding areas is alive and well.  According to AYI, dating outside one’s own race is on the rise and some of the niche trends are surprising.  For instance, the most preferred ethnicity by the opposite sex are Indian men and Latina women. Furthermore, black women were nine percent more likely to date a non-black man than a black man, while white men were five percent more likely to date a non-white woman.  Black men were sixteen percent more likely to date a non-black woman than a black woman.

Of all the races, the two most likely to date within their own race were Asian and Latina women.  These figures show that interracial dating is growing overseas, particularly in the UK, and perhaps at a rate even higher than in North America.  The reason well be because of a sense of multiculturalism, which is perhaps even more celebrated in European nations.

When single people are allowed to choose whomever they want, without guilt, embarrassment or a sense of scandal coming from their society, they are more likely to follow their heart and take a calculated risk by choosing someone outside their race—outside their comfort zone.

Some have even theorised that dating people outside your own race provides genetic advantages when you have children.  This certainly explains why many people experience an attraction to certain races and can’t really explain why, except that they love their face, their smile, their body shape, accent, and so on.

What we as a progressive society should do, is encourage people of all ages to date who they want, with no explanation necessary.  There’s no need to “warn” someone you love of what could happen.  It’s only our obligation to be supportive in whatever way we can to help them create a happy marriage.

At the same time, it’s important for a couple who is dating to likewise show respect to each other and not make assumptions about race or buy into stereotypes that could be misconstrued as offensive.  Continue to be open-minded, sensitive to others, and always eager to keep peace, particularly when meeting your partner’s family.

The good news is that you have an unprecedented opportunity to date outside your race and follow your attraction.  You can use an UK interracial dating service or an app to start searching local singles who are of a different colour, race, ethnicity or culture.  You can start a chat and arrange to meet in a public place.  Who knows, maybe you’ll follow your attractions and meet someone that you really like—and all because you took a chance!

Best Hook-ups for Interracial Dating

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

Entering the world of black and white dating isn’t easy for everyone.  Demographics often separate groups, with high concentrations of interracial groups in one area, and very low concentrates in surrounding areas.  The further you live from a major city, the lower your chances of finding an interracial hook-up.

Area Promotions

Interracial dating has become popular enough that most major cities present a list of night clubs and bars where you’re most likely to find someone ready for an interracial relationship, or where the interracial atmosphere is friendliest to mixed race couples.  Best swirl cities include Long Island, the San Francisco Bay area, Seattle, Las Vegas and Denver, Colorado.
Hawaii boasts the highest percentage of interracial marriages with Alaska coming in a close second.  Their interracial communities include Asian, Native American and African American.


There are websites on the Internet for hooking up an interracial date.  Your search can be narrowed down to the location nearest you, with an address and date for your meet-up group to get together and enjoy some fabulous fun while getting to know your prospective date.

For years, more black men have been interracially dating than black women.  This may be changing.  There are now special meet-up sites for black women who would like to date white men.  Their interracial choices also include a great deal of interest in Asian men, and why not?  Statistically, Asian men are more studious, make higher grades in school and do better in business than all other groups.

Online Dating Sites

Online dating sites have become the most popular way to hook-up with an interracial date.  Interracial dating sites have a large selection of profiles the user can sort through for finding exactly the right match for their interests.  They offer privacy from the general public while the couple decides on whether or not they want to get together.

Online dating sites allow the user to connect with an international community.  They can learn about the customs of a country they are planning to visit, and have a connection for when they arrive there.

One of the most popular sites for interracial hook-ups is for dating Russian women.  Sometimes they are already in the United States and are looking for a relationship, and sometimes they are in the process of acquiring a Visa.  Russian women are very stunning and well-groomed, so it’s no surprise there’s a lot of competition for their attention.
Use Your Resources

Look around.  Check your community events.  Find out which cities are closest to you that offer an interracial experience.  Use internet services to point you in the right direction.  If you live in an area with a low mixed race population, find the right date through a meet-up or dating service.

Why we Still Need to Talk about Interracial Dating

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

In 2016, interracial dating shouldn’t be such a big deal. However, it remains to be something that society hasn’t dealt with. Although there are a range of celebrities dating interracially and it is more and more common, there are still many reasons why it remains a hot topic. And arguably, it is a hot topic for the wrong reasons.

Society is still a relatively racist and ignorant place. This is especially true for people dating someone outside their race. They have to deal with judgmental stares and occasionally ignorant comments. In today’s modern age, love shouldn’t be restricted by boundaries of any type.There are many misconceptions about interracial dating and this article is here to highlight some of those.

Love isn’t black and white

Interracial dating isn’t just about black women white men. It is about hispanics, latinos, Asians, and people who are mixed race themselves. The borders of interracial dating are far from clear. Having a broadened definition of what interracial dating makes the discussion on the topic broader itself.

It’s more than sex

Interracially dating comes with misconceptions about sex life. For instance, black girls are freaky, black guys have bigger dicks, Asian girls are submissive, and so on. These stereotypes about races in the bedroom are a big part of the problem for interracial dating. Sex is important in relationships, but not every interracial relationship is founded on it.

You aren’t solving racism

Interracial dating is far from the answer to racism. It can be misconceived that people who are dating interracially are doing so to put a stop to racism. This is rarely the case. People in interracial relationships know that they won’t stop the world’s racist society. Rather, they just realise that affection and attraction can go beyond the colour of skin or the shape of eyes.

There is room for growth

Relationships are meant to be about growth and development with someone you care about. Interracial relationships have so much scope for this in such a positive way. Learning about someone’s cultural upbringing and heritage in this manner is really special. Interracial relationships are a starting point for addressing topics of race and discrimination and facing these together. Interracial relationships know that love is blind, but it isn’t colourblind, and this is why discussing issues of race are so important in interracial couplings.

It actually isn’t a big deal

Maybe the reason we need to talk more about interracial relationships is so that we can stop talking about them altogether. Ultimately, they aren’t a big deal. Sure, questions arise like ‘what will your parents think’ or ‘how will you raise the kids in two different cultures’. But newsflash, complicated questions arise in all types of relationships. Interracial relationships are first and foremost relationships, and that means that they need to be sorted out by the two people they concern. Not the rest of society. Love should be let be in so many cases, especially in interracial dating.

The Undiluted Truth about biracial Dating

Sunday, July 10th, 2016


Almost 50 years after the laws against interracial dating was broken, a lot of people are already enjoying the freedom of being with whoever their heart calls out to. There are however truths to biracial dating that people outside don’t know. It’s also possible that you are in one and still don’t know some of the facts you are about to learn.

Interracial Dating is Most times the same as Racial Dating

Most of the times, dating someone who is not in the same race as you is the same as dating someone in your race. Forget about familiarity; you met a stranger who is from your race, and you met another stranger who is from a different race. The bottom line is that they are both strangers with various personalities. They are human beings too with similar features except for their background and orientation so don’t see a white woman with an Asian and think the woman is moving with a man from space.

Family Pressure is real

If you have a loving family who will give their consent to whatever choice you make in life, don’t go thinking other parents are like that too. Family pressure is very real especially when it comes to interracial marriages. They may not say anything during the period of dating but just mention marriage and you’ll see loving parents instantly change to strangers.

Love Doesn’t Truly Conquer All

There’s the popular saying that love conquers all but that happens to be false in some cases and interracial relationship is one. That’s why you are advised to introduce yourself fully to each other during the first weeks of your relationship. No pin should be left unturned and by that I mean, every single thing about each other’s life, family, and culture must be placed on the table so that both parties can go back and think if the relationship can actually work or not. If you make that mistake of placing love ahead of a detailed introduction, don’t go looking for a way to commit suicide when after 2 or 3 years of intense love and care, he says “we can’t marry because of racial differences”.

Racial Discrimination is now Subtle

These days, only few communities in the world are still strong racists. It’s no longer what it used to be back then when some communities kill people who are not from the same race with them. The killing and riot has subsided so if that’s your reason for not hooking up with that special person you met online, please go and have a rethink. In modern countries, you even hardly find people staring scornfully as before. These days it’s either they admire you, or they simply mind their business.

You May at Some Point Insult Each other Racially

It is normal for conflicts to arise in relationships but in the end, it is how both parties handle it that matters. Don’t go mad and threaten to call off the relationship, or file for a divorce just because he insulted you racially. Instead call him to order when he’s calm and let him know how detrimental such actions could be to your relationship or marriage. Once he sees how you handled the situation, he’ll surely avoid repeating such statements.


Now that you know some of the undiluted truths of biracial dating, you can go back and ponder over them times and times again. Not all successful buildings you see today had their foundation laid on an even ground, some where sloppy, mushy, swampy, and even waterlogged, but the buildings are still standing successfully there; so even with all the controversy surrounding interracial relationships, it is still possible for you to build a successful one.

Solving Compatibility Issues in Interracial Relationships

Saturday, July 9th, 2016

Just as regular dating sites are flooding the internet, mixed dating sites are also doing the same. People are now able to make friends from more than one continent, friends that may end up making an impact in their lives. Irrespective of who you meet and where they come from, both parties must be compatible in order for anything meaningful to come out of the relationship. Compatibility is however one major challenge that has been identified with online dating especially interracial relationships. It’s understandable anyway because people tend to have varying views to ideas and life in general. Variety they say is the spice of life so find a way to solve that compatibility issue and you’ll start seeing that diversity truly makes life more interesting. In order to successfully deal with compatibility issues, you have to change your view of certain things some of which are discussed below.

Learn the Truth about Perfection

Some men may say “She doesn’t have the kind of features I desire so we can’t be compatible”. In as much as you want to have everything you have ever dreamt of in one woman, that’s just wishful thinking. It’s almost never possible to have such a woman that perfectly matches your taste. Same it is for women searching for men too. You should be willing to tradeoff some features for others as that’s the simple truth about perfection. Your main focus should be how to quickly become compatible with whoever you meet as long as she has some features you admire. The fact that you met someone who is about 95% what you desire in your dream woman doesn’t automatically guarantee you being compatible with her. Don’t be surprised that it’ll never work in some cases no matter how hard you try.

Accommodating Cultural Differences

At first you might be excited at the prospect that you are meeting someone who is not in your race but that should be momentary because it’s not a major factor that decides if you both will be compatible or not. You have to first of all spend quality time with each other discussing about your cultures and the strangest activities involved in each. At least when someone learns about the worst things to expect from a particular culture, it becomes easier coping with more subtle information or activities from the same culture. Once you have exchanged information on each other’s cultures and still don’t see any reason why you both can’t be together, then the journey of a highly compatible relationship may just have begun.

Accommodating Personal Differences

This is a very sensitive issue as it’s the root cause of incompatibility in most relationships whether in similar race or different races. Lovers after discussing each other’s culture and accepting to build a strong relationship may hit the rock not too long after due to personal differences. As a man, you should accord some respect to your spouse, while the woman is supposed to be submissive; but these days, we see men and women that are unable to swallow their pride. The simple phrase “I’m sorry” they say heal wounds but that same phrase happens to be the most difficult thing for some to say. Once lovers can learn to accommodate each other’s differences and apologize when needed, you’ll find compatibility issues being a thing of the past in interracial relationships. Understanding between both parties is another factor that determines how compatible a relationship will be. If you sense that your man has a high temper, you should be able to avoid things that will quickly get him upset. Once that high level of understanding is present in a relationship, compatibility issues will definitely be a thing of the past.

In conclusion, compatibility is a broad topic on its own and cuts across all kinds of relationship be it interracial relationship, racial relationship, or even family relationship. However with the three important tips discussed above, you should be able to build a highly compatible mixed dating relationship with any one you choose to love.

What to Say to a Racist About Interracial Dating

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016


It’s very uncomfortable and almost shocking when a family member or friend shows prejudice against your interracial partner or the desire you have to marry someone of a different race. While many people may feel that shunning or shaming the bigot is the best way to handle this, you may want to find another way. Perhaps it would be be better to try to change the mind of this person rather than lose a good friend entirely. It can be done if you try to reason with the person about your interracial dating.

Remember Where the Misunderstanding Comes From

If the intolerant person tries to hide behind a religious viewpoint, then consider the following. The bible has never condemned interracial relationships. Some of the misunderstanding comes from early Hebrew accounts of Israelites who were told not to marry into “foreign nations.” However, this was in reference to a difference in religion and not race. Israelites were not even white, they were of the tribe of Israel and later the tribe of Judah, who became the Jews. They were told not to be seduced into serving other Gods by foreign women.

Now doesn’t it seem logical that if you are attracted to another Christian, it really doesn’t matter what race they are—only that you share the same morals, values and goals in life. Race is meaningless, considering that Christianity teaches that all men descended from one family. The bible even speaks favorably of gentiles, and other races, such as Ethiopians, Romans and Persians, who joined the congregation of early Christians.

What About King Solomon?

You may vaguely remember the example of Solomon who supposedly loved many foreign wives, and thus broke God’s commandment about only marrying Israelite women. First, the only reason it was listed a sin against God is because he was seduced into serving “false Gods” by his wives, who were not only of different races, but also different religions. Jewish law also teaches that Solomon violated the principle of staying fidelity to one wife by multiplying his wives to an obscene degree.

However, God never actually told him not to marry another race—He only warned him of being seduced by women who worshiped other Gods, and that is what broke Solomon’s long record of faithfulness in the end. He allowed his wives to change his religion.

Another misunderstood account is that of Ham, the son of Noah. His descendants, the Canaanites, were said to be cursed. However, modern scholars believed that the “curse”, or justification for war, was fulfilled in the Israelites’ relationship with the Canaanites. Besides, practically all views that support genetic purity come from racially segregated times as well as ideologies that justified African American slavery.

All of these antiquated views have been debunked by biblical scholars, historians and most evangelicals of the modern era. Martin Luther King, Jr. even called the biblical justification argument “blasphemy” against everything the bible stands for.

While interracial dating are a beautiful thing, the need to find another Christian who can support you spiritually is an important issue. This is why it’s advisable to use a Christian connecting service that yokes believers with other believers!

Why are white men worried about dating black women?

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016


Interracial dating is on a boom across Americas and Europe. One may wonder what could be the reason for this jump in the percentage be of inter racial dating and whether attraction only could be attributed to this upward swing in such dating. It is undeniable fact that whites form a major group when compared to the blacks. Attraction towards black woman by a white man is yet to become common around the globe, as still there are people who frown at such relationships. These conservative minds refuse to see beyond the caste, creed and color. The daters are independent and mature enough to have right to choose the date they like. In this era of Internet, the world has shrunk and all you have to do is log on to best interracial dating websites and you can choose your partner to date. Millions of people have logged on to such sites and have found their date.

Love strikes a person without declaring and it is capable of gripping a person. In such a situation an individual falls into love and will not be thinking about the caste, creed, tribe or color of a person. The liking of a white man of a Black woman may be physical or intellectual but after dating and falling in love, white may have some worries about his choice of partner, as he lives in a community and would like to respect the community. There could be circumstances when family of the white may not approve the choice and one may not get support from peers and friends also. While dating a person of other race or different ethnicity you must be prepared to be tolerant with the adverse comments you may get even from bye standers. Those with their new found love often worry about the unavoidable comments, sarcastic looks they receive and at times get frustrated for having fallen in love with a person of different race. In those circumstances it is better not to get intimidated by the uncharitable activities of these people, for they get pleasure in doing such unwanted things.

There are still white men who worry about the adverse criticism and end up dating white women, as they are unable to overcome the comments. But look at the world, you can find so many black women white men dating happily, and if you talk to them you will know that they have also faced such criticism sometime or the other. But they have been able to overcome their worries as they are in wonderful relationship and just ignored the bystanders and passersby and moved on with their life. You should also not mind about others or their uncharitable opinions and ignore them and move on in life with your chosen partner. It is a beautiful experience to date a person of different race or color and opens a world blessed with interracial faith that will surely enrich your life.

How Interracial Dating Sites Are Helping People Around The World To Meet Their Ideal Match!

Thursday, March 17th, 2016

Online dating sites keeps on rising from previous generation and there is no negative signs of terminating it. Statistical report shows that about 15% of marriage in America occurs due online dating websites. Though online dating made things simple to people who really can’t able to spend time on dating but some people want to stop online dating.

Individual of same mindset from various races have a rights to date people from different race with help of online dating. Interracial dating site helps people from different races to meet one another but it does not means that each and every single attempt on dating is made with a good intention or with a good value. If any plan or agenda engrossed, remaining guaranteed will never become love. Disregarding of motive, we will discuss about the dating sites and their usefulness.
So many people are steadily overcoming the barrier of dating with limitations, people consider the world to shift gently forward when it move to cultivate social rights, respect people beliefs, and creating a new atmosphere for future generation. There is no barricade for love and it must not have any barriers because love is the most pure feeling in this world.

When people newly join to a black dating or interracial dating sites, they will be feels devastated with the available options. Most rated or popular dating sites has up to date and straight forward interface to mentor everyone through choice and requirements. There are two different types of dating sites available. They are both paid and free dating sites. You just need to fill the signup form and find the matching partners. Free dating sites are not trust worthy than the paid dating site. The paid dating website is better than free because of their effort to match people and constant development in technology. So if you wish to invest money in dating site better read a full review about the dating sites and invests your money.

Research states that adult of 14% of American are generally addicted to dating websites. A survey states that adult 1 in 5 people uses online dating site from the age (25-36). Means 22% of people of age (20-35) uses online dating sites. People age from limit of (35-45) uses 17% of online dating site. But the real fact that one third people meet in online dating will never meet each other in their real life and one out of five online people who are dating will request their friend to develop their profile. US people has a highest percentage of marrying the people in online dating site.

Dating online has grown into a social pattern in current generation. People would mark that there is no shortfall of couple, who belong from various races. The interracial dating site will bring a huge amount of success and a positive experience to people that will make a change in their life. But we must be careful about dating sites because most of them are spam. So still you are in dilemma just think that you meet the person in pizza shop or going and spending time with friends, so we can just give a try to new online dating method.

Stupid Things People Say About Interracial Dating and How You Should React

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Granted, there is a world of difference between reacting to some jerk on the street and reacting to someone in your family who may have an objection to who you’re dating. However, if you respect your partner and respect your friend or family member who is voicing their concern, then you may want to memorize what to say in advance.

This will ensure that you get the point across.

1.“Aren’t you afraid what people will think?”

Thankfully, we live in a society that is far more tolerant of diversity and interracial couples than we’ve ever had before. Today, most millennials are not being harassed by each other—they’re being harassed by older conservatives who think interracial dating is wrong. But according to many reports, such as Pew Research, most younger people are accepting of mixed marriages. Anywhere from 88 to 93 percent of all millennials approve of interracial relationships. So the majority is on your side!


Surprisingly, some black women report problems with black men mocking them for their choice of a white or Asian boyfriend. Even though they may be joking, this does indicate some passive-aggressive resentment. Of course, you know that race is just the peripheral difference between you two and there is so much more about a person to fall in love with. Where is this coming from? Most “haters” are jealous of you; maybe they realize that you can catch anyone you want and now they’re pouting over losing you as an option. Or maybe they just have some secret interracial attractions themselves that they can’t admit. In any event, don’t sink to their level of immaturity by rising to the bait. Just laugh it off and say “You couldn’t handle me so I found someone who could!”

3.“I have an interracial relationship once…let me tell you about it.”

It is kind of funny how many people insist on saying “Hey, I know so and so and he’s like you!” as a topic of
conversation. It’s not very polite, but it’s usually not maliciously motivated. All these people are doing is saying, “They are OK with your relationship.” And deep down, they are probably quite envious that you can enjoy interracial dating. Maybe they never could. Maybe they had a different-race partner a long time ago but the relationship ended sourly. Who knows? If they’re still lonely and single, then encourage them to get out and start dating again, and maybe they can find happiness like you did.

4.”What do your parents think?”

Either your parents are OK with it and happy for you, or they’re giving you a hard time about it. So this is a bit of a rude question to ask somebody. What does any parent think of their child finding love? Hopefully, their parents are happy for them and if not, it’s doubly important for all of us as a society to be supportive. Therefore, we suggest you simply tell someone who asks this question…“They love it!” And if they don’t love it you remain hopeful that they get over their silly prejudices and accept you for who you are.

Rather than fan the flames of hatred and family divisions by arguing and name calling, the best thing to do is to talk things out and educate those who may be ignorant.

You may check more on

Pros and Cons of Black Women White Men Dating

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015



There is certainly excitement in meeting and dating someone so very different from yourself. Learning about a new culture or traditions certainly has its place; some argue that in surrounding yourself with new and varied cultures can deepen your appreciation for your own. For some black women, dating outside of their race or culture is necessity (living in an area with few black men, for example) but for others dating outside of their race or culture is exiting, or perhaps happenstance. Sometimes we fall in love regardless of the exterior of our partner. Despite the reasons why black women seek white men, there are some pros and cons to consider prior to committing to the first date, or to something more serious. This advice is meant for both parties, and is more what to consider first than step by step instructions.

First, and foremost, the relationship should certainly be based on your own personality and not the perceived cultural expectations. All too often, when approaching someone of another race or culture, the approacher tends to attempt a sad faux exterior, one that they believe mimics the culture or race of the person being approached. Neither party wants to be stereotyped and the sum of who they are broken down to false assumptions of a stereotype put forth by media or racial misunderstandings. Instead, approach the other opening, acting as oneself, and opening show interest to get to know the other person for their unique quirks, personality, and talents.

Second, while there certainly is intrigue to date outside one’s own social or racial parameters, ask yourself if this intrigue has turned into a fetish. This is again the expectation that a person act how the stereotype of that culture, race or ethnicity is perceived. Dating outside one’s race or culture because you are drawn to another specific race or culture is not inherently wrong; but question if the motivation is to collect dating “trophies” or because you anticipate a generalized attribute. Every person is unique, and should be appreciated for what they offer.

Based on this, remember to treat the other as an individual and get to know them as an individual. Learn about his or her interests, listen to his or her cultural traditions, and be sensitive to the hindrances she or he fights each day. For example, there are certain gaps in cultural, social, and gender experiences between black women and white man. Black women struggle with the inequity of jobs, education, and social status. Transversely, it is sometimes assumed that a white man can breeze through all three with relative ease, thus not completely comprehending the daily or life struggles a black woman may face. Being open to listening to and learning from the other’s social, cultural, and even gender frustrations makes for the possibility of longer-term and deeper-rooted relationships filled with empathy and support.

Last, once connected to these differences, be understanding and open-minded. Do not make these experiences part of the stereotype. These stereotypes, both negative and positive, are perpetuated when people do not get to know others as individuals or understand that his or her experience in life is often based on how society has stereotyped him or her in the first place. Dating someone from a different background should be exiting, but not as an act of rebellion against closed minded relatives or just to “try something new.” Embrace the uniqueness of each other’s backgrounds, experiences, and personality first and foremost!