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Why Black and White Dating Is Really Not A Big Thing

Friday, March 24th, 2017

You might think that black and white dating is a big thing. You may have grown up in a culture where interracial dating just wasn’t done. Though this is a very progressive thing now, there are still plenty of segments of the population that this isn’t done. There are still even people that believe it’s wrong. For the rest of us though, this is a perfectly normal thing and not at all a big thing. This is just a way of life and a different form of attraction which is totally normal.

So what is the big thing about black and white dating in the first place? It used to be that mixed races dating was a huge deal, but it’s been many years since that was the case. Most of us know that you date who you are attracted to. We recognize that you date who you are interested in. You are ultimately dating somebody who you feel that you could find love and happily ever after with. That means that you find love in whoever is a fit for you and that’s not for anybody else to decide.

It’s Not A Big Deal and Nobody Should Make It One

When it comes to black and white dating it often boils down to having an attraction to somebody who is different than you. It may be that you are interested in their culture. It may be that you just find certain aspects to them extremely attractive. It might just be that none of this matters and that you find yourself feeling something for somebody of a different race. It doesn’t matter and it’s truly not a big thing so you should never allow it to be one. The only people who make it a big thing are the people that don’t understand that love is love and it sees no color or race.

Though black and white dating may have been off limits in the past, this is no longer the case. It’s been years since this was a big thing and so we need to stop making it that way. The truth is that once you open your mind up to things you might find somebody really great in a totally different race or culture than your own. This is okay and this is a good thing and you just have to learn to embrace it for what it really is.

Your love life is for you to decide upon. This is up to you to create the love life that you are interested in and which will make you truly happy. This isn’t about or for anybody else and it’s time to let go of any inhibitions that tell you otherwise. Black white dating is just like any other type of dating. You are attracted to who you like and you love who you love and therefore it’s up to you to decide upon this for yourself. Go into this with an open mind and an open heart and see dating for what it is—a means by which you can find somebody that you love and who loves you back.

Why we Still Need to Talk about Interracial Dating

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

In 2016, interracial dating shouldn’t be such a big deal. However, it remains to be something that society hasn’t dealt with. Although there are a range of celebrities dating interracially and it is more and more common, there are still many reasons why it remains a hot topic. And arguably, it is a hot topic for the wrong reasons.

Society is still a relatively racist and ignorant place. This is especially true for people dating someone outside their race. They have to deal with judgmental stares and occasionally ignorant comments. In today’s modern age, love shouldn’t be restricted by boundaries of any type.There are many misconceptions about interracial dating and this article is here to highlight some of those.

Love isn’t black and white

Interracial dating isn’t just about black women white men. It is about hispanics, latinos, Asians, and people who are mixed race themselves. The borders of interracial dating are far from clear. Having a broadened definition of what interracial dating makes the discussion on the topic broader itself.

It’s more than sex

Interracially dating comes with misconceptions about sex life. For instance, black girls are freaky, black guys have bigger dicks, Asian girls are submissive, and so on. These stereotypes about races in the bedroom are a big part of the problem for interracial dating. Sex is important in relationships, but not every interracial relationship is founded on it.

You aren’t solving racism

Interracial dating is far from the answer to racism. It can be misconceived that people who are dating interracially are doing so to put a stop to racism. This is rarely the case. People in interracial relationships know that they won’t stop the world’s racist society. Rather, they just realise that affection and attraction can go beyond the colour of skin or the shape of eyes.

There is room for growth

Relationships are meant to be about growth and development with someone you care about. Interracial relationships have so much scope for this in such a positive way. Learning about someone’s cultural upbringing and heritage in this manner is really special. Interracial relationships are a starting point for addressing topics of race and discrimination and facing these together. Interracial relationships know that love is blind, but it isn’t colourblind, and this is why discussing issues of race are so important in interracial couplings.

It actually isn’t a big deal

Maybe the reason we need to talk more about interracial relationships is so that we can stop talking about them altogether. Ultimately, they aren’t a big deal. Sure, questions arise like ‘what will your parents think’ or ‘how will you raise the kids in two different cultures’. But newsflash, complicated questions arise in all types of relationships. Interracial relationships are first and foremost relationships, and that means that they need to be sorted out by the two people they concern. Not the rest of society. Love should be let be in so many cases, especially in interracial dating.

Questions black women white men dating are tired of being asked

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014


white men seek black women
Interracial dating is tricky, especially if you are a first timer in this world of dating. About five decades ago, interracial marriages were illegal in US and even after this being lifted, interracial couples continue to be discriminated and harassed by the members of the society.

Things are however changing and we are now living in a new era where there is more understanding and tolerance for couples existing outside the set ‘norms’ of relationships. Nevertheless, many interracial couples always attract stares and there seems to be a set of questions that keep popping up now and then.

Here are some commonly asked questions which even though they might be innocent have darker and deeper implications for any interracial couple out there.

1. How do your friends and family feel about your relationship?

Whether the short version or long version, race is one of the most difficult subjects to talk about. When you ask any interracial couple, you know about how their family reacted on the news, you can expect an answer in form of a story. In fact, this is the question that will clearly tell you of the kind of struggles that interracial couples are made to go through in the society.

2. Are you not worried about racial stereotype?

One thing that is similar about all stereotypes is that they are all misplaced and offensive. For instance, not all Mexican men usually cheat on their partners; nor all Japanese dudes are emotionally unavailable, not all black men usually ends up in jail and not all Arabic ladies are docile. Unfortunately, you will find all these untrue stereotypes on the web which most people simply pass off as facts.

3. Wouldn’t things be just easier if you dated your own race?

This question has very poor intentions but unfortunately, the question will come always somehow racist. However, if you just decided that you will date white men only, you will only succeed in reducing a big group of some viable candidates, and this is why dating other races makes sense for many. In fact, for black women white men meet, you will realize that this could be the best thing to have ever happened in your life.
4. Are you not worried your children will be bullied?

Considering this age where the norm in most marriages is divorce, perhaps you should be more worried of making it to your 10 year anniversary instead of caring of whether or not your children will be bullied on the basis of their rather mixed heritage. Of course, you can’t help but worry on what racism will do to your children, but this shouldn’t deny you the opportunity of being happy.

With such and many other kinds of questions being directed to interracial couples, it is important for black women looking for white men to do their homework very well and know what they should expect from such a relationship while focusing on their happiness at the same time.

(Black women white men) Are you worried about people looking at you differently when you date a person of different ethnic.

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014





In the process of getting involved in love, there are many theories on whom you are attracted and how you fall in love and it takes a little longer time to understand that love happened from a sun- conscious level and you do not have a control over it. Of course, you have to be rational and analytical before you embark on the next voyage of marriage with the loved one.


In the process of love, it is always possible that you will fall in love with a person of a different race, different culture and even with a different faith altogether. You may be involved in interracial dating. It is also possible that some of you may prefer to choose a date within your own community, race or ethnic group to avoid unnecessary issues involved with it. But, when you talk to people who date interracially, they do say that dating someone from a different cultural background or race could give an interesting experience in knowing their heritage.


You have to take a rational decision when you are interested in a date from a different culture or different race. Relatives, friend of yours or even passerby’s may stare at you, when you happen to be with your date of a different race or ethnicity. Some may even pass adverse comments not palatable at all.  Never mind, it’s your freedom and choice to choose a person with whom you date, and the rest are outsiders and they do not have any right to pass judgment on your dating. However, if you want the support and blessing of your parents, it is better to let them know well in advance of your intentions. This would help you in taking forward your dating towards marriage, as your parents and members of the family would be in a position to defend you against any comments from your relatives or friends.


Dating someone from a different race and faith opens door for interracial and interfaith exploration and enriches your experience with others. As dating is considered as a process of exploring, the interracial person chosen should be mentally and emotionally strong and have a common shared vision.

(interracial dating) Is it frustrating that you cannot express your feelings in your mother tongue?

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014




Expression of love in a desired form is the most important aspect in dating.

Communication is the most effective way of expressing your love to a dear one whom you adore and like to date. If you are an English speaking native and fall in love with an English speaking date, you may not anticipate any problem in conveying your feelings, as the mother tongue is common to both of you. You will also feel comfortable and assured when you converse in your mother tongue, as with that mother tongue you have learnt to think, communicate and also acquired an intuitive understanding of the grammar. However, imagine a situation where an English-speaking native dates an East Asian whose mother tongue is Japanese or Korean.

Of course, in the process of conveying his/her interest in dating, he/she would have employed all the resources in the world including some metaphors, to attract the attention of the date. But do you think they were able to express their feelings to the satisfaction of the date? Let’s explore.

In the initial dates of dating, it is commonly observed, that dater with different mother tongue, do not experience any difficulty in knowing the intention of the date, as actions are more than sufficient to express the love. But as the days progress and the interest in dating furthers to the stage of getting married, do you think the date can fully express the  feelings to the  partner in his/her mother tongue?

Alternatively, would it be better to learn the mother tongue of the partner, so that they are in a better position to express their feelings otherwise in a married life and in the process of bringing up their children they may encounter some difficulties in implementing their ideas and thoughts. Speaking in the mother tongue of your partner always carry its advantages, as your partner has been brought up with that language, and he/she would feel home and comfortable.

It can be sometimes awful and irritating, when you are not able to express your feelings in your own language, but worry not for love has no language.