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World cup 2014 – The best hi-tech event in football history

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014



The world will be witnessing the 2014 World Cup football in Brazil with heightened hi-tech ever used in the history of watching football. Fans of football will be witnessing the most scientifically and technologically advanced football games. This will be remembered for years to come. The players will keep themselves cool with their smart clothing; wear advanced boots capable of increasing the speed and exhibition of player’s skill, which would surely provide the best experience not only for the players but also for the audiences.

The football to be used in the games is created by six propellers shaped polyurethane panels bonded thermally together and audiences would be enthralled to follow the game right from the first kick off in the stadium. As the earlier footballs used in the World cup 2010 was made of knuckling process, they were unpredictable, but the ball that is to be used in the World cup 2014 has different geometry that would enable the ball to be more stable in the air. In addition, the referee would be using a vanishing spray to first circle the ball before pacing out the nine meters required for a defending wall, and the spraying would disappear before the commencement of the play.

Another noticeable would be goal-line-technology, supplied by a German company that uses seven high-speed cameras at each goalmouth for monitoring the action. This technology cannot be hacked for manipulation as it functions without an internet connection. This is considered a boon to the referees as they could tell whether a goal has been scored within a second with accuracy of 0.5 centimeters and to decide whether the ball has crossed the line. The skills of players are largely exhibited through their footwork and the important attire used for this purpose is the football boots.

The boots to be used in the 2014 World Cup would be of three-knit weave with less material between the foot and the ball to enhance the player’s touch of the ball. In order to beat the heat in Brazil, the players would be using kits combined with technical fabrication and thermo-regulation and the jerseys to be used would have 56 % more airflow than the jerseys used earlier. More than a third of the people around the world would be watching the game on their Smartphone, tablet and smart TV. This world cup would be witnessing apps that are made available in abundance to keep the millions of fans better connected with the game than ever before.