Things I Learned from Dating White Guys (perspective of a Black Woman)


Black-White dating is getting more and more popular especially in USA area. It has some stereotype model of relationship where the guy is black and girl is white. Nowadays more Black girls are into dating with Westerns to break myths about African dating. It seems like black-white dating is a new topic and there are still some topics which are unclear especially for new lovers and passionate about Black dating. If you are a Black woman who is dating white guys, you might be familiar with points listed below.

1.He will be obsessed with hair, skin color and body shape

Skin color is not the only thing which makes you feel different. Your body shape, sexy curves, and even eyes are slightly different from your Western partner. He will be fascinated with those features since it’s something new and unique for him. Let him touch your humps whenever he wants and let him play with your hair all evening. Understand that your unique look is something which turns him on.

2.He doesn’t know how to tell friends about you

Having common friends make this situation much easier but if you both have a different group of pals than your partner need to introduce you and this might be a problem. He won’t have any idea how to do it because of your skin color and the fact that his friends might be a bit racist. You are the one who need to give him a proper clue.

3.He will be scared to meet your family

Meeting family seems to be the hardest moment in every relationship. All in all, love success depends on how partner’s relatives are going to treat you. If they will like you or, not at all. Since your family is African, he will be more than scared to meet up with parents because of cultural differences which he might not have any idea about. To encourage, give him few tips and tricks and tell briefly about eating tradition.

4.He will think that all Black girls are coming from deepest part of Africa

This one is a very common mistake while meeting someone who has a black skin color. Westerns have a great tendency to believe in any kind of myths and stereotypes. One of them is a statement that all Black people are coming from a jungle or bush hidden somewhere in Africa. In fact, many black people had been born in the USA originally.

5.When he fall in love, your skin color won’t be a thing

Truthfully, like any relationship, you cannot help whom you fall in love with. Doesn’t matter if it’s Black girls from your hood, or someone over the Internet. If he will be committedto this relationship, your chocolate skin color won’t bother him anymore. In fact, it will make him proud and love you without even thinking about your race.
Dating Western people as a person with different skin color is a challenge, especially if you are hanging out in your partner country. Doesn’t matter if it’s Vietnamese dating, Black dating or Russian dating, there will be cultural quirks everywhere. Your main point is to understand them and let your partner do them from time to time. This is how international love works.

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