What’s UK Interracial Dating Looking Like in 2018?


Have you ever noticed the difference between looking at an attractive person and then, looking at an attractive person of a different race?  There’s no comparison, right?  It might be fun to make eye contact with a person of your own race, but when it comes to an exotic beauty flirting with you, the attraction is amazing.  It’s an almost magnetic pull that you can’t resist!

Interracial dating in the UK and surrounding areas is alive and well.  According to AYI, dating outside one’s own race is on the rise and some of the niche trends are surprising.  For instance, the most preferred ethnicity by the opposite sex are Indian men and Latina women. Furthermore, black women were nine percent more likely to date a non-black man than a black man, while white men were five percent more likely to date a non-white woman.  Black men were sixteen percent more likely to date a non-black woman than a black woman.

Of all the races, the two most likely to date within their own race were Asian and Latina women.  These figures show that interracial dating is growing overseas, particularly in the UK, and perhaps at a rate even higher than in North America.  The reason well be because of a sense of multiculturalism, which is perhaps even more celebrated in European nations.

When single people are allowed to choose whomever they want, without guilt, embarrassment or a sense of scandal coming from their society, they are more likely to follow their heart and take a calculated risk by choosing someone outside their race—outside their comfort zone.

Some have even theorised that dating people outside your own race provides genetic advantages when you have children.  This certainly explains why many people experience an attraction to certain races and can’t really explain why, except that they love their face, their smile, their body shape, accent, and so on.

What we as a progressive society should do, is encourage people of all ages to date who they want, with no explanation necessary.  There’s no need to “warn” someone you love of what could happen.  It’s only our obligation to be supportive in whatever way we can to help them create a happy marriage.

At the same time, it’s important for a couple who is dating to likewise show respect to each other and not make assumptions about race or buy into stereotypes that could be misconstrued as offensive.  Continue to be open-minded, sensitive to others, and always eager to keep peace, particularly when meeting your partner’s family.

The good news is that you have an unprecedented opportunity to date outside your race and follow your attraction.  You can use an UK interracial dating service or an app to start searching local singles who are of a different colour, race, ethnicity or culture.  You can start a chat and arrange to meet in a public place.  Who knows, maybe you’ll follow your attractions and meet someone that you really like—and all because you took a chance!

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