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Things I Learned from Dating White Guys (perspective of a Black Woman)

Saturday, February 4th, 2017

Black-White dating is getting more and more popular especially in USA area. It has some stereotype model of relationship where the guy is black and girl is white. Nowadays more Black girls are into dating with Westerns to break myths about African dating. It seems like black-white dating is a new topic and there are still some topics which are unclear especially for new lovers and passionate about Black dating. If you are a Black woman who is dating white guys, you might be familiar with points listed below.

1.He will be obsessed with hair, skin color and body shape

Skin color is not the only thing which makes you feel different. Your body shape, sexy curves, and even eyes are slightly different from your Western partner. He will be fascinated with those features since it’s something new and unique for him. Let him touch your humps whenever he wants and let him play with your hair all evening. Understand that your unique look is something which turns him on.

2.He doesn’t know how to tell friends about you

Having common friends make this situation much easier but if you both have a different group of pals than your partner need to introduce you and this might be a problem. He won’t have any idea how to do it because of your skin color and the fact that his friends might be a bit racist. You are the one who need to give him a proper clue.

3.He will be scared to meet your family

Meeting family seems to be the hardest moment in every relationship. All in all, love success depends on how partner’s relatives are going to treat you. If they will like you or, not at all. Since your family is African, he will be more than scared to meet up with parents because of cultural differences which he might not have any idea about. To encourage, give him few tips and tricks and tell briefly about eating tradition.

4.He will think that all Black girls are coming from deepest part of Africa

This one is a very common mistake while meeting someone who has a black skin color. Westerns have a great tendency to believe in any kind of myths and stereotypes. One of them is a statement that all Black people are coming from a jungle or bush hidden somewhere in Africa. In fact, many black people had been born in the USA originally.

5.When he fall in love, your skin color won’t be a thing

Truthfully, like any relationship, you cannot help whom you fall in love with. Doesn’t matter if it’s Black girls from your hood, or someone over the Internet. If he will be committedto this relationship, your chocolate skin color won’t bother him anymore. In fact, it will make him proud and love you without even thinking about your race.
Dating Western people as a person with different skin color is a challenge, especially if you are hanging out in your partner country. Doesn’t matter if it’s Vietnamese dating, Black dating or Russian dating, there will be cultural quirks everywhere. Your main point is to understand them and let your partner do them from time to time. This is how international love works.

Do Filipino women like black men?

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

Filipino women dating black men are a norm these days in America and a number of other western countries. Apart from dating which most Filipino girls might not like as most of them prefer to stay a virgin before marriages most of them decide to get married. Many of these also come to the USA after getting married to an American black man because their husbands sponsor them.

The primary reason many Filipino women decide to marry black men is because they get a lot of respect and are treated in a good manner. Black men give their wives a lot of love and even take care of their children hence these women have a chance to lead a very good and happy life. Most Filipino women also tend to be career-oriented and hence prefer marrying these American men as they get good job opportunities and a well-settled lifestyle. For this reason, most women might also agree to marry an older guy as long as they get the chance to move abroad and live a happy life, hence assuring a strong future for the children as well in terms of education.

Some Filipino women depend on a lot of colour and race they rule out black guys strictly when they are looking for options as to whom they should get married too. Their public profiles strictly state that they are not interested in black men and already want white men. In the Philippines, there is a misconception that black means big hence a lot of Filipinos although might not like black men and they might not even want to be seen around them because they are “ugly” however might agree to have sex with them and earn some money.

The above mentioned is a very small example of how women used to be a couple of years ago and how some uneducated women still think. With more and more education among these women, they understand that differentiating by colour, cast, creed or just by the appearance of someone is not how thing are supposed to be. They have become more intellectual and search for other things in their life partner for example how educated that person is, how much he can earn or simply how loving and caring he is. There are many examples of Filipino women who have married black men and are happily settled in their life

In the end, it depends on how much these guys are dedicated towards their wife and how much time they put in to assure that their relationship works smoothly. Marriage is a two-sided relationship, and black men need also to have a good understanding of how Filipino girls are. They usually value family and motherhood a lot. Even if they decide to work out their family will always be their first priority hence they also expect their partners to be like that. Although they do not mind marrying older men, but they are very conservative when it comes to having sex before marriage and would rather consider its practical implications.

Top 5 interracial dating tips for Asian Men

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016


In the bigger cities of US, It is a common sight to see white men dating an Asian girl but chances of seeing an Asian man dating a white woman is still somewhat rare. For Asian men, dating a white woman (or a black, Hispanic or Latina) is a second option as they prefer dating an Asian woman instead of interracial dating, for they need not worry about any issues of custom, race or color. Common friends to Asians could also hear them saying that, they are attracted to whites, but feel they would never be able to date a white, despite her being hot. It is a conservative thought that it could be a hassle to date a white woman discourages him to take that step towards dating a white girl.

Asian men have to remove that bottleneck in their thoughts and go for dating a woman of their choice. The very thought that an Asian may look odd where everyone is white, belongs to colonial era. Do remember that we are now living in a fast Internet world with many good interracial dating sites and interracial dating apps. Stop looking for Asian girls in an Asian club and venture into a club where you can meet a sizeable number of white girls. Simply do not stand there expecting someone to come and talk to you, there is nothing wrong in striking a conversation at the pool side, snooker table or at the bar. The other source to meet white girls would be to make non Asian friends also. It is alright to think that you had been all along having only Asian friends, but whites as friends would be go getters and would make you have the comfort which you were otherwise having with Asian friends. Befriending a white is a step towards success in meeting a white girl as the newly found white friend is sure to introduce white girls to you. Be bold when getting introduced and be visually also cheerful in their company.

Once you get the acquaintance with a white girl of your choice, be open to her in telling her the reasons for liking her. Most white women are interested to know about other races and their culture and it is a good opportunity dawned on you, to take her into your Asian world. You can take her to an Asian restaurant or an Asian movie, but do not over do all of a sudden, for she will be confused. As an Asian man, do not fulfill your stereotypical role of an Asian, but prove to her that you are a cool guy with confidence, capable of socializing and no different than any other white guy whom she would like to date or have dated. You must bear in mind that dating is also a skill to be learned. Dating skill is considered the most important skill of any successful dating as acquiring this skill enables you to impress a woman for long term relationship. With all the five interracial dating tips provided above, success in dating a white girl is a foregone conclusion and wish you have a wonderful time.

World cup 2014 – The best hi-tech event in football history

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014



The world will be witnessing the 2014 World Cup football in Brazil with heightened hi-tech ever used in the history of watching football. Fans of football will be witnessing the most scientifically and technologically advanced football games. This will be remembered for years to come. The players will keep themselves cool with their smart clothing; wear advanced boots capable of increasing the speed and exhibition of player’s skill, which would surely provide the best experience not only for the players but also for the audiences.

The football to be used in the games is created by six propellers shaped polyurethane panels bonded thermally together and audiences would be enthralled to follow the game right from the first kick off in the stadium. As the earlier footballs used in the World cup 2010 was made of knuckling process, they were unpredictable, but the ball that is to be used in the World cup 2014 has different geometry that would enable the ball to be more stable in the air. In addition, the referee would be using a vanishing spray to first circle the ball before pacing out the nine meters required for a defending wall, and the spraying would disappear before the commencement of the play.

Another noticeable would be goal-line-technology, supplied by a German company that uses seven high-speed cameras at each goalmouth for monitoring the action. This technology cannot be hacked for manipulation as it functions without an internet connection. This is considered a boon to the referees as they could tell whether a goal has been scored within a second with accuracy of 0.5 centimeters and to decide whether the ball has crossed the line. The skills of players are largely exhibited through their footwork and the important attire used for this purpose is the football boots.

The boots to be used in the 2014 World Cup would be of three-knit weave with less material between the foot and the ball to enhance the player’s touch of the ball. In order to beat the heat in Brazil, the players would be using kits combined with technical fabrication and thermo-regulation and the jerseys to be used would have 56 % more airflow than the jerseys used earlier. More than a third of the people around the world would be watching the game on their Smartphone, tablet and smart TV. This world cup would be witnessing apps that are made available in abundance to keep the millions of fans better connected with the game than ever before.

(interracial dating) Is it frustrating that you cannot express your feelings in your mother tongue?

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014




Expression of love in a desired form is the most important aspect in dating.

Communication is the most effective way of expressing your love to a dear one whom you adore and like to date. If you are an English speaking native and fall in love with an English speaking date, you may not anticipate any problem in conveying your feelings, as the mother tongue is common to both of you. You will also feel comfortable and assured when you converse in your mother tongue, as with that mother tongue you have learnt to think, communicate and also acquired an intuitive understanding of the grammar. However, imagine a situation where an English-speaking native dates an East Asian whose mother tongue is Japanese or Korean.

Of course, in the process of conveying his/her interest in dating, he/she would have employed all the resources in the world including some metaphors, to attract the attention of the date. But do you think they were able to express their feelings to the satisfaction of the date? Let’s explore.

In the initial dates of dating, it is commonly observed, that dater with different mother tongue, do not experience any difficulty in knowing the intention of the date, as actions are more than sufficient to express the love. But as the days progress and the interest in dating furthers to the stage of getting married, do you think the date can fully express the  feelings to the  partner in his/her mother tongue?

Alternatively, would it be better to learn the mother tongue of the partner, so that they are in a better position to express their feelings otherwise in a married life and in the process of bringing up their children they may encounter some difficulties in implementing their ideas and thoughts. Speaking in the mother tongue of your partner always carry its advantages, as your partner has been brought up with that language, and he/she would feel home and comfortable.

It can be sometimes awful and irritating, when you are not able to express your feelings in your own language, but worry not for love has no language.