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5 things I learned from dating single white women

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

During my childhood years in Northern Kentucky, I always found myself being the only kind who was Black in my classes. When I went to high school, I was happy to see that there were some other Black students too. Due to my upbringing, I have always found myself dating white guys.

While there are some similarities just like when dating any kind of man out there, I have realized that there is a small cultural quirk which never goes unnoticed when dating a white dude. For instance, here are 5 things that black women looking for white men should know.

They don’t seem to understand the hair thing

In most cases, it will start innocently like, ‘did you get your hair cut’ after you are done washing it and it shrinks. However, this isn’t the end. From protecting your hair with the satin cap to moisturizing, your guy will always finding something interesting and new discover about your hair. It is explaining gets easier day by day, the problem is that you will always keep on explaining.

The N-word isn’t in their vocabulary

As I date black men, one of the questions that I have always found myself being asked is how I feel when rappers use the N- word in their songs. What I have come to learn is that while these white guys don’t want to say about this world, they are also not willing to talk about the reason some people do.

Fried chicken is something that will always embarrass them

There is no one who doesn’t love fried chicken in this country. The white man however is too aware of stereotypes and generalizations associated with a fried chicken and everything you are passing a KFC, they will always be torn and feel very embarrassed.
They need assistance to know what is the best thing they should tell their friends
You might be wrong to think that everyone is living in the post racial society because most of his friends are less enlightened than he is. Their friends will always insist on being told what the difference is even when there is apparently no difference. So, you should never be afraid of giving him a script and helping him out where necessary.

Meeting your family makes him scared too

You are wrong to think that black single women dating white dudes are the only ones afraid of meeting their partner’s family as white men do as well. While he may pretend to be bold, he is also scared that your family might retaliate for enduring the embarrassment when growing up. This is an area where the two of you will need to assist one another and know what is best for the two of you.
Finally, always expect to learn lots of things from your white dude too. Just as you might think that there are things he doesn’t know too much about, he also needs that you need to be updated as well on certain things.

Interracial couples that changed the history (interracial dating)

Friday, August 14th, 2015
black white meet
interracial couple

Interracial marriage was legally accepted in America about 50 years ago. Since then, about 9 million people across the country have married a person who belongs to a different race. Some of them are popular. Here is a list of some of the most famous interracial couples.

1. Mildred and Richard – They fell in love during 1950s and had to face several issues because interracial marriages were not legally accepted within the country by that time. On 11th July 1958, they were asleep and three armed officers burst into the room. Then they were taken into the jail and both of them were remanded for some time. They took it to the courts during 1963 and their case played a significant role behind the approval of interracial marriages within the country. Therefore, almost all the interracial couples in the modern world appreciate their efforts taken at that time while facing a wide range of difficulties from law and the society.

2. Sir Seretse Khama and Ruth Williams Khama – These two individuals played a significant role behind the approval of interracial marriages within Europe. These two met each other when they were attending a law school in England. Sir Seretse Khama was the first President of Botswana and since he got the opportunity to contribute a lot towards interracial relationships after that. On the other hand, Ruth is recognized as the first politically active lady to contribute towards interracial relationships within Europe.

3. Louis Gregory and Louisa Matthew – Louis Gregory was an American and Louisa Matthew was a British lady. They met each other on a pilgrimage tour during the year 1911. Their love was not accepted by the public at that time. They moved to United States after falling in love with each other and had to face a wide range of political and social issues. However, they married each other in 1912 at New York and became the first interracial couple to marry in United States. Then these two worked hard to establish racial unity within the country.

4. James Achilles Kirkpatrick and Khair un-Nissa – In a country like India, interracial marriages are not even accepted at now. However, James Achilles Kirkpatrick and Khair un-Nissa fell in love with each other about 200 years ago. James Kirkpatrick was a European diplomat and he came to India for his professional duties. Later he gave up his European habits and adapted according to the Indian culture. Later he converted into Islam so that he can easily marry his love and they can be considered as the first famous interracial couple in India.

5. Bill de Blasio and Chirlane McCray – The newly elected mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, can be considered as the very first mayor in United States to have a black spouse. This clearly shows the acceptance of interracial marriages within the country. In fact, people celebrate this as a significant milestone and they think that this relationship would combat against the racism issues that prevail in the country.

The interracial dating trends are changing within United States

Friday, August 14th, 2015
black white meet
interracial couple


From a recent study that was conducted by participating a sample population of United States individuals, it has been identified that interracial relationships are on a rise. Interracial marriages were legally accepted within the country less than 50 years ago. According to 2010 statistics, 15.1% of the marriages that take place within the country fall into the category of interracial marriages. This percentage was only 8.4% during 1980s. These facts clearly show the significant increase in the popularity of interracial dating within the country.

It has also been identified that the attitude about interracial relationships like black white dating, Asian dating, mixed race dating ect among US individuals has changed throughout the past few years. Around 43% of the Americans approve the marriage of individuals who belong to two different races. It has the potential to address racism, which is one of the biggest social issues that can be seen in the country. Young people in the modern world are open minded and they look at black and white dating with a better view. They are okay with letting one of their family members marry a person who belong to a different race or ethnicity (.

When it comes to interracial relationships black women meet white men is more popular than black men dating white women. The exact reason behind this trend is still unknown. However, it has been identified that people tend to move into interracial relationships because they want to display their unique qualities to the others. We live in a more diverse social circle and it is completely okay to engage with dating single white women and black women.The interracial marriages among famous individuals have played a major role behind these changing trends. Notable fictional examples for such marriages include Danny and Mindy on The Mindy Project and Fitz and Olivia on Scandal. The popularity of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian has also played a significant role. Their regular appearance on magazine covers clearly show how it is being done in real life. This fact has been proven from the book Symbolic communication influences human thought, affect, and action, which is written by the famous psychologist Albert Bandura back in 2001.

Last but not least, mixed race couples have the ability to appear as models of respectful and appreciative relationships. Isn’t it what all of us are dreaming about? The modern world interracial relationships are backup up with the socioeconomic status and novelty as well. It has been predicted that over 50% of the United States population at 2050 will be minorities. Therefore, we will be able to see more and more interracial relationships and marriages within the upcoming years. This number will be affected by the above mentioned trends as well. As a result, we can see a lot of interracial dating websites coming up on a regular basis. It can be considered as the most convenient and best solution available to address the issues that are related to racism as well.