5 things I learned from dating single white women


During my childhood years in Northern Kentucky, I always found myself being the only kind who was Black in my classes. When I went to high school, I was happy to see that there were some other Black students too. Due to my upbringing, I have always found myself dating white guys.

While there are some similarities just like when dating any kind of man out there, I have realized that there is a small cultural quirk which never goes unnoticed when dating a white dude. For instance, here are 5 things that black women looking for white men should know.

They don’t seem to understand the hair thing

In most cases, it will start innocently like, ‘did you get your hair cut’ after you are done washing it and it shrinks. However, this isn’t the end. From protecting your hair with the satin cap to moisturizing, your guy will always finding something interesting and new discover about your hair. It is explaining gets easier day by day, the problem is that you will always keep on explaining.

The N-word isn’t in their vocabulary

As I date black men, one of the questions that I have always found myself being asked is how I feel when rappers use the N- word in their songs. What I have come to learn is that while these white guys don’t want to say about this world, they are also not willing to talk about the reason some people do.

Fried chicken is something that will always embarrass them

There is no one who doesn’t love fried chicken in this country. The white man however is too aware of stereotypes and generalizations associated with a fried chicken and everything you are passing a KFC, they will always be torn and feel very embarrassed.
They need assistance to know what is the best thing they should tell their friends
You might be wrong to think that everyone is living in the post racial society because most of his friends are less enlightened than he is. Their friends will always insist on being told what the difference is even when there is apparently no difference. So, you should never be afraid of giving him a script and helping him out where necessary.

Meeting your family makes him scared too

You are wrong to think that black single women dating white dudes are the only ones afraid of meeting their partner’s family as white men do as well. While he may pretend to be bold, he is also scared that your family might retaliate for enduring the embarrassment when growing up. This is an area where the two of you will need to assist one another and know what is best for the two of you.
Finally, always expect to learn lots of things from your white dude too. Just as you might think that there are things he doesn’t know too much about, he also needs that you need to be updated as well on certain things.

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