Why Black and White Dating Is Really Not A Big Thing


You might think that black and white dating is a big thing. You may have grown up in a culture where interracial dating just wasn’t done. Though this is a very progressive thing now, there are still plenty of segments of the population that this isn’t done. There are still even people that believe it’s wrong. For the rest of us though, this is a perfectly normal thing and not at all a big thing. This is just a way of life and a different form of attraction which is totally normal.

So what is the big thing about black and white dating in the first place? It used to be that mixed races dating was a huge deal, but it’s been many years since that was the case. Most of us know that you date who you are attracted to. We recognize that you date who you are interested in. You are ultimately dating somebody who you feel that you could find love and happily ever after with. That means that you find love in whoever is a fit for you and that’s not for anybody else to decide.

It’s Not A Big Deal and Nobody Should Make It One

When it comes to black and white dating it often boils down to having an attraction to somebody who is different than you. It may be that you are interested in their culture. It may be that you just find certain aspects to them extremely attractive. It might just be that none of this matters and that you find yourself feeling something for somebody of a different race. It doesn’t matter and it’s truly not a big thing so you should never allow it to be one. The only people who make it a big thing are the people that don’t understand that love is love and it sees no color or race.

Though black and white dating may have been off limits in the past, this is no longer the case. It’s been years since this was a big thing and so we need to stop making it that way. The truth is that once you open your mind up to things you might find somebody really great in a totally different race or culture than your own. This is okay and this is a good thing and you just have to learn to embrace it for what it really is.

Your love life is for you to decide upon. This is up to you to create the love life that you are interested in and which will make you truly happy. This isn’t about or for anybody else and it’s time to let go of any inhibitions that tell you otherwise. Black white dating is just like any other type of dating. You are attracted to who you like and you love who you love and therefore it’s up to you to decide upon this for yourself. Go into this with an open mind and an open heart and see dating for what it is—a means by which you can find somebody that you love and who loves you back.

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