Questions all interracial couples get asked.


interracial dating

“How will your kids look like?”
This might be the most common question interracial couples get asked. Sometimes it stems from curiosity or just plain old ignorance. Mixed kids are sometimes the topic of debate  that can sometimes be offensive and unjustifiable to the parents.

In conservative states. this question is often asked of white ladies who are involved with a man of another race. There is a standard misconception of “race dilution”.  This means that somehow  “white” qualities are wiped out by “non-white” qualities when a couple have children. “Race dilution” is totally baseless and these types of questions are deeply embedded in ignorance and racism.

The question about children is just a mere fallacy. There is no hereditary studies regarding race superiority; that one race is better the other hereditarily. A mixed child gets half of its chromosomes from each parent, and thus will be an equivalent mix of the two parents. There is no specific way to know what the mix of characteristics will be and it could vary from child to child as well.

“You are just going through a thing, right?”
When a interracial couple is busy minding their own business having a cup of latte at star bucks, some people just think it is a phase they are going through. It is a weird presumption that maybe one of both spouses are experimenting with other races but eventually they will go back to dating their own race.

This question usually comes from close friends and family who have the expectation that you will eventually change your mind regarding the interracial relationship. People could also believe your choice to date a person of another race is some kind of rebellious act in defiance of parents or society in general.
Interracial dating is a beautiful thing, simply tell your loved ones  that you are not going through a phase nor are you rebelling. This will help them understand your choices and hopefully respect them. In case of strangers you could say nothing at all. Sometimes ignorance deserves no response.

“Your cultures must be in conflict?”
Interracial couple actually do get to experience different cultures. From food, language to social norms, love brings people together from different corners of the world.

Different cultural experience is a good thing as it helps individuals grow and learn new cultures. This helps bridge differences and people become more tolerant to ethnic diversity. You get to taste different culinary experience , mix that with dance, music , you get to step into a new world you did not know.

Although disagreements may arise in the course of the interracial relationships because of different cultures, there is so much you to gain from each other. Different cultures should complement relationships rather than cause division.

What is wrong with dating people from your own race?
Everyone should have a choice to date whomever they like. Sometimes when people leave a bad  relationship they tend to want something new. It is not unusual to look for partners from another race if that makes you feel better.

By dating a person from a different race does not mean there is something wrong with partners from your own race- it is simply a preference.  Trying to please your family and friends by always dating your own race, when you don’t want to will wear you down. It will be also be unfair to as well as your partner as you will always be looking for something else to fill the void.

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