Solving Compatibility Issues in Interracial Relationships


Just as regular dating sites are flooding the internet, mixed dating sites are also doing the same. People are now able to make friends from more than one continent, friends that may end up making an impact in their lives. Irrespective of who you meet and where they come from, both parties must be compatible in order for anything meaningful to come out of the relationship. Compatibility is however one major challenge that has been identified with online dating especially interracial relationships. It’s understandable anyway because people tend to have varying views to ideas and life in general. Variety they say is the spice of life so find a way to solve that compatibility issue and you’ll start seeing that diversity truly makes life more interesting. In order to successfully deal with compatibility issues, you have to change your view of certain things some of which are discussed below.

Learn the Truth about Perfection

Some men may say “She doesn’t have the kind of features I desire so we can’t be compatible”. In as much as you want to have everything you have ever dreamt of in one woman, that’s just wishful thinking. It’s almost never possible to have such a woman that perfectly matches your taste. Same it is for women searching for men too. You should be willing to tradeoff some features for others as that’s the simple truth about perfection. Your main focus should be how to quickly become compatible with whoever you meet as long as she has some features you admire. The fact that you met someone who is about 95% what you desire in your dream woman doesn’t automatically guarantee you being compatible with her. Don’t be surprised that it’ll never work in some cases no matter how hard you try.

Accommodating Cultural Differences

At first you might be excited at the prospect that you are meeting someone who is not in your race but that should be momentary because it’s not a major factor that decides if you both will be compatible or not. You have to first of all spend quality time with each other discussing about your cultures and the strangest activities involved in each. At least when someone learns about the worst things to expect from a particular culture, it becomes easier coping with more subtle information or activities from the same culture. Once you have exchanged information on each other’s cultures and still don’t see any reason why you both can’t be together, then the journey of a highly compatible relationship may just have begun.

Accommodating Personal Differences

This is a very sensitive issue as it’s the root cause of incompatibility in most relationships whether in similar race or different races. Lovers after discussing each other’s culture and accepting to build a strong relationship may hit the rock not too long after due to personal differences. As a man, you should accord some respect to your spouse, while the woman is supposed to be submissive; but these days, we see men and women that are unable to swallow their pride. The simple phrase “I’m sorry” they say heal wounds but that same phrase happens to be the most difficult thing for some to say. Once lovers can learn to accommodate each other’s differences and apologize when needed, you’ll find compatibility issues being a thing of the past in interracial relationships. Understanding between both parties is another factor that determines how compatible a relationship will be. If you sense that your man has a high temper, you should be able to avoid things that will quickly get him upset. Once that high level of understanding is present in a relationship, compatibility issues will definitely be a thing of the past.

In conclusion, compatibility is a broad topic on its own and cuts across all kinds of relationship be it interracial relationship, racial relationship, or even family relationship. However with the three important tips discussed above, you should be able to build a highly compatible mixed dating relationship with any one you choose to love.

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