“How will your kids look like?” This might be the most common question interracial couples get asked. Sometimes it stems from curiosity or just plain old ignorance. Mixed kids are sometimes the topic of debate  that can sometimes be offensive and unjustifiable to the parents. In conservative states. this question is often asked of white […]

Have you ever noticed the difference between looking at an attractive person and then, looking at an attractive person of a different race?  There’s no comparison, right?  It might be fun to make eye contact with a person of your own race, but when it comes to an exotic beauty flirting with you, the attraction […]

Entering the world of black and white dating isn’t easy for everyone.  Demographics often separate groups, with high concentrations of interracial groups in one area, and very low concentrates in surrounding areas.  The further you live from a major city, the lower your chances of finding an interracial hook-up. Area Promotions Interracial dating has become […]

You might think that black and white dating is a big thing. You may have grown up in a culture where interracial dating just wasn’t done. Though this is a very progressive thing now, there are still plenty of segments of the population that this isn’t done. There are still even people that believe it’s […]

Black-White dating is getting more and more popular especially in USA area. It has some stereotype model of relationship where the guy is black and girl is white. Nowadays more Black girls are into dating with Westerns to break myths about African dating. It seems like black-white dating is a new topic and there are […]

Filipino women dating black men are a norm these days in America and a number of other western countries. Apart from dating which most Filipino girls might not like as most of them prefer to stay a virgin before marriages most of them decide to get married. Many of these also come to the USA […]

In 2016, interracial dating shouldn’t be such a big deal. However, it remains to be something that society hasn’t dealt with. Although there are a range of celebrities dating interracially and it is more and more common, there are still many reasons why it remains a hot topic. And arguably, it is a hot topic […]

Almost 50 years after the laws against interracial dating was broken, a lot of people are already enjoying the freedom of being with whoever their heart calls out to. There are however truths to biracial dating that people outside don’t know. It’s also possible that you are in one and still don’t know some of […]

Just as regular dating sites are flooding the internet, mixed dating sites are also doing the same. People are now able to make friends from more than one continent, friends that may end up making an impact in their lives. Irrespective of who you meet and where they come from, both parties must be compatible […]

In the bigger cities of US, It is a common sight to see white men dating an Asian girl but chances of seeing an Asian man dating a white woman is still somewhat rare. For Asian men, dating a white woman (or a black, Hispanic or Latina) is a second option as they prefer dating […]